What is The Best Use For a Pedestrian Fence System?

Pedestrian fence systems are also known as temporary fencing, and they come in a variety of formats. In essence, they provide a viable alternative to permanent fencing for temporary use. This kind of visible temporary fencing is usually made of plastic, and it can be used in a wide variety of situations. It is very cost effective, and there are a number of ways to configure it to meet your specific needs. Understanding how to get the best out of this system is key and here are a few things to consider. Some Common Applications:

Some of the more common uses for temporary fence systems revolve around outdoors events and concert venues. Temporary fencing is great at directing pedestrians along predetermined routes for entry into an event. They are quick to erect, and gates can be added to allow or restrict access. They can also be used to cordon off areas such as pools or a perimeter where work is being carried out. A temporary fence can be a good option for fencing in animals and to control crowds by separating them. Some less Common Uses: Temporary fencing is extremely versatile, and it has been used in many less common situations. It is very easy with enough temporary fencing to create a viable temporary parking area. This versatility is also handy for organising disaster or famine relief as the fencing is tough yet light making it easy to transport to an affected area. Another use is for a temporary single day construction project to protect the public from entering a dangerous area. Some Specialised Options: By its very nature this kind of barrier system is temporary, but with a few tweaks, it can be made more permanent. This can be achieved by carrying out an in ground installation in either asphalt or if necessary concrete. In a tricky situation, this can provide more permanence or indeed to time to transport in a longer term solution.

Another neat feature is that the panels on the temporary fencing can be painted any colour you like. This is great as a safety feature if reflective safety colour are used, but it does open up other possibilities as well. One of these is the use of corporate logos and messages on fencing at large corporate sponsored events. The fencing can be solid panels or be an open configuration, they are usually made from tough moulded polyethylene, they resist abrasions and corrosion, and they will not fade in the sun. These fencing systems are highly modular in nature, and event organisers will love their versatility and ease of use. If you’re interested in purchasing temporary fence systems, contact us here at Image Bollards. We have a wide variety of solutions available, such as the Crowd Q fencing system, a fork lift safety railing, ball fence gates, defence zone fencing for machinery and many other applications. Our sales team is standing by to offer advice and answer any other questions you may have.