Top 7 Steps for Remodeling Your Kitchen


Remodeling- this term means a lot to everyone who is planning to have something by changing some features or by adding some functionalities to the existing one. And when it comes to the remodeling of your kitchen then it is quite similar to the entire home remodeling. Obviously some steps will be different. So let’s dig down more about kitchen remodel step by step. Here you can prioritize your steps depending on your requirement whether you are doing the remodeling based on some urgent requirement or you are doing it for fashion/luxury. If the first one is true then budget should come first or else budget can be the secondary factor.

  1. Budget fixation

Budget is one of the most important factors which you should consider first before proceeding with the remodeling work. First decide, how much you want to spend in kitchen remodeling. You might have some fascination like: The cabinet in my kitchen should look gorgeous or the wall painting of my kitchen should be very much attractive. So, as per your requirement prepare a list of the items you need in your kitchen and then assign your budget product wise. But always keep in mind that your budget prepared in pen and paper may vary 10 to 20 percent in real scenarios.

Budget fixation in the first step is very important as it will stop you from doing anything unnecessary and from the very beginning, you will be having a clear idea about on which product you can spend how much

  1. Create a prototype

It may be that you want to remodel your entire existing kitchen or it may be that you want to remodel some specific products and items in your kitchen. Just think, you are cooking in the kitchen, then what things should be placed where so that you feel comfortable or what are those items which will make you feel happy whenever you enter the kitchen.

Once you have visualized the entire scenario, prepare a list of the items and create a prototype of the entire kitchen as per your desire.

      3. Product List

Hopefully, you have already prepared a list of the products which you want in your kitchen. If not then what are you waiting for? Prepare a product list and start searching for prices online/offline. Actually from this list and their prices (Available on the internet or at your nearest shop) will help in your budget adjustment as well.

     4. Necessary Arrangements

Before starting the remodeling work, make sure that all prerequisites are in place. Suppose you are planning to have your refrigerator in your kitchen or you are planning to have a kitchen chimney for which power supply is must. It may be the case that your different kitchen appliances require different power supplies, so the plug point arrangement should be of a different type.

      5. Prepare a schedule

In most of the cases, kitchen remodeling becomes a very lengthy process due to lack of proper time management. So it is always advisable to prepare a proper schedule that within this time or within these many days you will complete these much of work. Follow the schedule very carefully throughout the entire process.

     6. Hire a Contractor

When you are doing your dream project then it is always recommended that you do as much work as possible by yourself. But obviously if you are painting your kitchen or installing an appliance, you will need help from some experts.

The best way to find a kitchen remodeling contractor is: Search for the contractors on the internet and select them as per the customer reviews or you can take the recommendations from your friends, relatives who have done this kind of work previously.

7. Price Negotiation

Once your search is completed and you have identified a few good contractors, this is time to start calling the contractors for further details and price negotiation. Call the contractors, explain your project to them, and listen to their offerings. In ideal cases the price model should be: 40% of the entire price should be labor cost, 40% of the entire cost should be materials cost and rest of the 20% should be profit.

But do not go with any contractor only just depending on the price. There are few more things which you should judge being a customer. Ask them for their proper business name which will help you search about them on Google specifically. Check they have all the required licenses or not, if there is any complaint registered in their name and how they handled the same.

Once you have this entire information then select one contractor considering all the above mentioned aspects, prepare an agreement and start your dream project towards having a wonderful kitchen at your home.