Why Cabinet Refacing Will Help You Sell Your Home

Putting your home on the market can be stressful. Not only is it hard to offload older homes that haven’t undergone a major overhaul or renovation, it’s difficult to sell any house that doesn’t have something special going for it. However, making your home stand out is more achievable than you think. Maybe you haven’t done a full kitchen renovation in years, and maybe your bathrooms could use some updating. When you go in for a kitchen cabinet refacing from a trusted st. louis mo cabinet refacing company, you’re giving your house way better odds for making its way off the market. Here’s how.

Refacing Gives You a New Look Without the High Price

When it comes to getting homes off the market, studies show that a kitchen or bathroom remodeling job, even a relatively minor or inexpensive one, can do wonders for a home’s salability. The problem is, most homeowners simply don’t have that extra ten to seventy grand lying around to put towards a renovation project. That’s where kitchen cabinet refacing comes in. Without having to shell out the high cost of a professional kitchen remodel, you’ll be reaping the same benefits. Since the cabinets are the first thing people tend to notice when assessing your space, you’ll be able to get away with a multitude of sins, including an old hardwood floor, some less-than-perfect storage solutions, and older appliances.

Your Kitchen Will Be Better Organized

Kitchen cabinet refacing doesn’t necessarily mean putting a fresh coat of paint on your cabinets. The beauty of the concept is that it can be as high-effort or low-effort as you’d like. If you want to take the chance to radically rearrange your cabinets by taking out the dividers and creating a better organization system, you can do that within the context of a refacing job. If you simply want to give your cabinets new doors or fixtures, that’s also on the table. No matter how much or how little you do, you’ll still be putting in work to make your kitchen look better, more organized, and more modern overall.

You’ll Have a Greener Kitchen

While cabinet replacement is an option some homeowners go for, it’s rarely necessary when you think about how much a good cabinet refacing job can do for the look, feel, and spatial orientation of your kitchen. If the wood isn’t rotting and the shelving isn’t cracked or broken, the truth is that there’s no reason to rip out your cabinets and start from scratch. You can get the same effect by refacing without the cost to the environment. While taking out your cabinets might seem like the fastest way to a fresh start, potential buyers might not want to invest in a less-than-green kitchen where everything looks and feels disposable or too trendy to last for long. Keep the charm and beauty of your current kitchen by sprucing up your cabinets rather than replacing them with new, costly installations that don’t add that much value to your space and cost more than twice the price of a basic refinishing job.