The main parts of a dishwasher

The first dishwasher was invented in the eighteenth century by Josephine Cochran. Very little has changed in a dishwasher’s functionality since then. Dishwashers can be bought online like everything else today. However, do your research before you Buy dishwashers online. Dishwashing is a chore that many hate and dishwashers are wonderful appliances that come to their rescue.

In this article, we are going to look closely at the different parts of a dishwasher that help the appliance in doing what it does.

The main parts of a dishwasher are mainly

  • A control mechanism
  • An intake valve and
  • A pump ( a reversible pump and a direct drive pump)

Control Mechanism

A dishwasher has a door latch that must be closed for the unit to run. The control mechanism of a dishwasher is inside the door behind the control panel. The timers determine the length of each cycle. The scrub, rinse and drain routine is regulated by these timers. The more complex mechanism of a dishwasher is computerized.

Intake valve

The water from the water supply is taken by the appliance with the intake valve. When this is functioning the pumps do not work, until the water intake becomes sufficient enough to carry out the task of dishwashing.


The pumps in a dishwasher are powered by a powerful motor. The water is pumped into the spray arms in a pump cycle. Similarly, in a drain cycle water is directed to the drain hose.

Types of pumps

Basically there are two types of pumps namely,

  • A reversible pump and
  • A direct drive pump

Reversible Pump

Reversible pumps are vertically mounted. They are used in two ways by reversing the motor as and when needed. One to pump water to the spray arms and the other to pump it to the drain hose.

Direct drive Pump

Direct drive pumps are horizontally mounted. The motor runs in only one direction. Instead they open and close the valves to spray water and drain water accordingly.

Portable and permanently installed dishwashers

Dishwashers can be portable or they can be installed in a permanent configuration. The more portable ones can be plugged in whenever needed. When not in use they can sit against a wall. They can be rolled near the faucet on castors when dishwashing needs to be done. The portable setting allows the dishwasher top to be used as a countertop. However, in the permanent installation a dishwasher is bolted under a countertop and the hoses under the kitchen sink connect to the water line and drain line both.

Buying a dishwasher can be a lifesaver for you owing to its time saving concept. It will help you cut down your monthly electricity and water bills. All in all it will be a great decision to buy a dishwasher, a decision you will never regret.