Give an Interesting Touch to Custom Bathroom Vanities With These 2018 Trends

A custom bathroom vanity is one that is made to match your tastes, specifications, and unique needs. Such cabinets offer many benefits as they let you plan the overall layout, build creative storage options, play around with materials and colors, choose countertop and sink types, and do lots more. If you are looking to create a custom bathroom vanity from scratch or repurpose a different object, you may want to incorporate some of these trends that have become the favorites of interior designers, decorators, and homeowners in 2018. From white and pastels to dark and black cabinets

It looks like everyone’s had enough of white in the bathrooms as cabinets now tend more towards darker shades and stains. The natural color and texture of wood have more takers than ever with walnut, chestnut, and myriad other shades of brown reigning supreme. Designers are also moving towards opaque black, especially in matte finishes, as the richness of this color adds a unique character and transforms the appearance of the bathroom manifold. A pop of color in the sink For those who love to add color to their living spaces, this may just be the right time to get your custom bathroom vanity made. The sinks attached to such cabinets are now taking the bright route with many designers opting for colored sinks atop sober vanities. Such designs can look extremely trendy irrespective of whether they are painted or finished in bright colors like orange, turquoise etc. Quartz for the countertop Vanity countertops have predominantly used granite for its durability and a wide range of color and pattern choices. Designers, however, are tending towards quartz, an engineered stone, which can be manufactured to incorporate unique patterns, colors, and even consistency. The material, unlike granite, doesn’t need resealing and isn’t porous either – making it all the more favorable for use in bathrooms. Warm metals dominate the bathroom Metals that were once in exile are now returning to the bathroom with added fervor. Brass, copper, bronze in polished or mottled finishes have become an indispensable part of custom-made vanities. As knobs, inlays, scrollwork, accents, or other kinds of detailing, these metals are making quite the style statement. As deeper colors like navy blue, plum, and lavender become popular in bathrooms, vanities that use metallic detailing in polished and warm finishes (think Rose Gold) become the apt choice for a unique look.

Smarter storage solutions In an increasingly tech-savvy world, it only makes sense that bathroom vanities turn smart too. Newer trends indicate cabinets that combine functionality beyond storage into its design. Clever drawer organizers, tall cabinets to separate dual sinks, and electrical outlets inside drawers are some of these trends that make the bathroom vanity something more than what it used to be. So, don’t forget to incorporate such unique and handy features when designing your piece. Pick one or more of these trends and build your custom bathroom vanity around the same and you are sure to be greeted with praises pouring in from all quarters.