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Sad Synthetics Sadly, like anything made from synthetic chemicals derived from earthly oil, among other things, conventional mattresses are toxic and their various components take a very long time to biodegrade, so it’s a slow death. These unhealthy mattresses also live an unhealthy life, when it comes to off-gassing and the negative reactions many people have to products made from toxic materials. According to the According to the National Solid Waste Management Authority, landfills were never designed to break down waste. They were designed to store it over time. The agency claims that some landfills release methane gas into the atmosphere, and some landfill companies collect the gas to sell as an energy-source. A lot of the waste in landfills is also recycled, and this is practice is often applied to conventional synthetic mattresses and box-springs, which is a positive step forward. Landfill companies tell us that the beds are too big and bulky to crush and often jam up their machinery. However, a large percentage of mattresses and box-springs still end up in landfills, where they take a very longs time to biodegrade, which is hazardous to the environment, not to mention wasteful, since many of these mattresses are still in good condition. According to the EPA, American citizens produce approximately 4.6 pounds of trash and garbage each day per person. This adds up to two hundred and twenty-eight million metric tons each and every year. This insane number is almost two times as much garbage/trash per person compared to the citizens of most other countries that also have landfills.

Loving Longevity Organic Eco-friendly mattresses are often made from organically grown latex, and natural organic futons are made from cotton, often usually organically grown, which means that these mattresses pose none of the threats as the aforementioned conventional mattresses and box-springs. Even if they end up in a landfill, not only do environmentally-friendly mattresses and futons take a lot less time to biodegrade but they do not pollute the soil or the air or the water or any aspect of Nature, because they’re made from all natural materials. For millennia, everything that humanity consumed or used came from natural, organic sources. It wasn’t until the 19th century and the Industrial Revolution that this sensible, traditional pattern began to move in a very wrong direction. As a result, the humans race faces many different challenges today that never existed before, such as various threats to the environment, as well as a variety of challenges to our physical beings and our psycho-social wellbeing. So, consider joining the modern eco-friendly revolution by embracing the natural values of the past and how they can inspire and reinforce our dedication to sustainable, eco-friendly methods. — By Mark Klosterman Eco-Friendly Furniture- What Does this Really Mean- For the Planet Talking about Eco-friendly furniture from the aspect of the planet… sustainable… Uses renewable resources…..Less toxic chemicals in the manufacturing precise Eco-friendly Furniture – we are talking your own Environment. Talking about how ecofriendly furniture from the aspect of your persona environment… means…Less. Harmful chemicals off gassing into your living environment. Talking about VOC… Volatile organic compounds that most furniture off gasses and how bad that is. Creates compromised immune systems… Sickness…etc.

Japanese Furniture- Less if Often More Talking about minimalism and japans style. There is some good stuff out there on that. Sleep is good for you – Duh… Of Course. (Talk about the benefits of a good nights … and that a good night’s sleep requires. a quiet room, a regular sleep schedule and a good and health Organic mattress How Modern Furniture Choices can help make your house a home… Eco-Friendly Living… How making Eco-friendly choices is good for you and good for the earth. Something in these areas.