Uses of floor mats in elevators

Elevators are the most used areas in any business or building. Although it is rare to find an elevator equipped with a floormat, they can still be found in certain cases. They are used for safety purposes and to protect the elevator’s flooring.

Uses of floor mats in an Elevator

Most elevators have mats that are used to protect the floors from heavy foot traffic.

This is a good example would be when contractors use an elevator to move materials or equipment between floors. If the elevator’s flooring is not protected, dirt, equipment, and other debris can cause damage. Floor mats are a great solution. To protect the elevator’s flooring, you can place mats in the elevator during remodeling.

A custom logo floor mat could also be used in an elevator. This is a more cost-effective way to advertise than having your logo printed on the floor. You might consider this an opportunity to advertise your brand while occupants travel from floor to floor in an elevator.

How to enter and exit the Elevator

It is not common to find floor mats in elevators. However, there are good reasons to place a mat at the elevator’s entrance. Dirt, debris, and mud can be brought in from the outside to an elevator just like any other floor surface. This is especially true if there is heavy foot traffic or rainy days. Slip and fall could easily occur on a wet floor. Slip and fall accidents are the leading cause of fractures and concussions. Businesses are responsible for anyone who falls on their premises. Place entrance floor mats at every elevator’s entrance to keep your customers, workers and business safe.

There are many options for entrance floor mats. You can choose from a variety of colors and materials, including vinyl, rubber and carpet.

Mats for Elevators

Berber Mat

Berber Mats are our most loved commercial mats product. These mats are a popular choice for business owners as they are thick, durable and resistant. Berber mats have a rubber backing to prevent slippage and ensure that mats remain in place on the elevator floor.

Graphic Impressions Logo Mat

For a personal touch, emboss your elevator mat using a company logo or slogan. The Graphic Impressions logo mat is a durable option that protects floors in style. It allows businesses to customize their elevator mats with digitally printed logos or designs.

Rubber Drainage Mat

Do you have a freight elevator that can operate in both wet and semi-wet environments? To protect your elevator floors and prevent slip-and-fall accidents, you should invest in Rubber drainage mats These mats are commercial-grade and drain water from below the walking surface, ensuring a dry foothold.

Turtle Tiles

No other flooring option offers more flexibility and comfort than Turtle Tile Shower Matting for passenger elevators operating in semi-wet or wet areas. These drainage tiles are designed to protect elevator floors and keep them safe, dry, and sanitary. These tiles are ideal for elevators that take you to or from a locker room, pool, or shower area.

We can help with any elevator mat need. We have many floor mats in a variety of styles, textures and materials. We can help you find the right floor mat for your workplace. For companies who want to reduce their environmental footprint, we also have floor mats made of recycled materials.