Know About Mattresses Toppers & Protector

Mattress protectors and toppers are two entirely different bedding products, yet both offer extra comfort. Often there is some confusion over the two. So, what are the differences between toppers and protectors and which one should you choose and why? Have a look at Dusk’s definitive guide to avoid having to wade through the many choices of single mattress toppers to cotton pillow protectors. Mattress Protectors A mattress protector is a removable cover that fits over your mattress. It is designed to provide protection for your mattress and pillows while also improving the quality of comfort thanks to the extra layer. Not only this, but a cotton mattress protector also offers a greater standard of hygiene and the ability to be easily washed in a machine. In addition, by using a mattress protector, you are also increasing the life-span of your pillows and mattress. Dusks’s range comprises of a single mattress protector size up to super king-size and are made with 100 % thread count cotton with a 50% cotton filling. Pillow Protectors Covering your pillow with a protector, most importantly, gives you a better chance of a decent night’s sleep. A protector acts as a barrier against moisture, stains and bed bugs. It also allows the life of a pillow to be extended by shielding it from wear and tear. Dusks’s Cotton pillow protectors are the ideal choice if you are looking for the best material to protect your pillows. As a cool and breathable fabric, cotton allows you to moderate your temperature more evenly throughout the night and is also very easy to clean using a normal 40-degree wash cycle. The Dusk range is available in two different sizes, standard and superking. They are made from 50% cotton and 50% polyester with a 180 gsm filling. The outer fabric is also important when choosing a quality pillow protector – the Dusk range is 100% cotton with 180 thread count. Mattress Toppers Contrary to protectors, the job of a mattress topper is aimed at providing comfort and is sometimes considered an ‘extension’ of your mattress. If your mattress feels too soft, a topper can provide support, and if it feels too hard, it will provide some softness. Ultimately, a luxury topper can vastly improve the type of sleep you get. Whether you are on the hunt for a king size topper, double mattress topper, or a single mattress topper, it is important to look for quality. This includes examining the type of filling inside the topper, what ratio this forms and what kind of material the casing fabric is made from. All of these elements are crucial in the overall feel of luxury and quality of a topper. The mattress topper range from Dusk includes a layer of goose down (70%) for a gentle element of comfort and a layer of pure white goose down (30%) for a base that provides additional support. Along with crisp cotton percale, this forms the perfect combination for complete mattress comfort. Cleaning Mattress Toppers and Protectors It is worthwhile making sure you keep your mattress and pillow protectors as clean as possible, to ensure you get as much use out of them as you can. Protectors can be cleaned much like your other bedding and it is recommended that you wash them no less than twice per year. For washing a feather mattress topper, it is recommended that you use a mild detergent (powders can cause a residue) on a delicate cycle using cool water. To tumble dry, use a low heat setting.