Ways to distinguish between a high-quality and low quality scented candle

Due to the abundance of scented candles all over the world, it’s becoming more difficult to discern between good quality and poor quality. People find it difficult to pick the right candle for them. Although candles might appear beautiful, when it comes to quality they can get very confusing. Many customers have asked us how they can tell the difference between a high-quality and low-quality candle. So, we put together some tips to help candle lovers.

  1. Clean Burning and Long Burning Hours

Premium quality candles can burn for longer hours. How does a candle achieve cleaner burning and longer burning hours? This is due to the composition of the candle. This includes the use of the correct wax blend, adequate fragrance oils, and wicks selected according to the wax type in the candle.

  1. Size of the Flame or Wick

The flame or wick must be the right size. It should not be too small or too large. A wick too small will not produce enough heat and may cause the wax to melt, which could result in the candle being extinguished each time it is lit. A wick too big can make the candle burn faster and produce too much soot. For containers or glass candles, a large candlewick may cause the container to get too hot or even crack. Be sure to check the candle’s size before you purchase it.

  1. Cotton Wicks

This is one of the most important things to consider when shopping for candle making. It should have a wick that is free from lead. While scented candles may look great, they can also be hazardous for your health. You should always buy candles made from premium-grade cotton.

  1. Apply Residual Wax to the Edges

Container candles, such as glass and tins are susceptible to forming a bowl-shaped residue around the edges. This is similar to a ring on the outside of the container. If it doesn’t melt, the candle won’t burn completely and will not light up again. Good quality candles will not have this problem. If you burn a good-quality container candle for 1.5-2 hours the wax will reach the pool and there will be no wax left over.

  1. Just Right Scent Throw

A strong scent throw is not always a sign of a high-quality candle. Plant-derived fragrances are very subtle and don’t have strong smell throws. An excessive amount of fragrance oil in a candle can produce a strong fragrance that may be too overwhelming and may cause irritation to the olfactory system. For a truly relaxing and mesmerizing experience, a high-quality scented candle will have just the right balance of fragrance oils from nature.

We hope the above points have helped you distinguish between a low-quality and a high-quality scented candle. Don’t let your eyes get distracted by beautiful candles. You need to take into account their quality. If you are still unable to find the right quality of supplies for candle making, then browse through Aussie Candle Supplies at aussiecandlesupplies.com.au, where you will find an extensive range of natural soy waxes, candle waxes, wicks, fragrances, dyes and candle glassware as well as soap for making candles.