How To Deal With An Overflowing Toilet

The toilets that we can flush is one of the most important gifts we are enjoying in today’s world. Can you imagine doing your business in an outhouse with no plumbing system? That was definitely the case a century ago and bathroom plumbing and technology has evolved so much since then. Now it is unimaginable to go about our daily lives without the comforts of the modern day bathrooms. It is even easier nowadays because when we face any issue with our plumbing and bathroom fixtures, all we need to do is call our plumber and the matter can be dealt with speedily. There are many issues that might lead you to call a Calgary plumber. You could have an issue with your bathtub, your hot water tanks, your sink, and worst – a problem with your toilet. We always want to have a working toilet, one that isn’t clogged and would flush without a problem when you need it too. However, problems such as this do occur from time to time and it can be a real headache. The worst thing about a clogged toilet is that it can overflow. Ew! You can actually prevent sewage from flooding your bathroom floor – that is, if you know how to deal with it and if you have enough plumbing supplies Calgary and tools to do the task properly. It is a good idea to keep plumbing supplies at hand, in the case of emergencies. At least you’d be able to do something while waiting for your plumber to arrive at the scene. Here are some useful tips on how to deal with a clogged and overflowing toilet: 1. Nip it in the bud In other words, stop the water from flowing into your clogged toilet from flowing. This can prevent an overflow. You need to find the main shut-off valve in order to do this. How will you find it? Trace the water pipes that run from your bathroom wall to your toilet – you should be able to find this valve. If you can’t find it, it could be one of those types that are hidden under the floor and you won’t have any other option except to let your Calgary plumber handle the issue. If you can find the valve, you can turn it off to stop the flow of water. If it refuses to turn, you can use a lubricant to get the job done. 2. Option Number 2 When you can’t shut off the valve and your plumber hasn’t arrived yet to deal with the mess, you can try removing the lid of your toilet tank. Inside you can find the rubber disk at the bottom. Try closing this to stop the flow of the water into your toilet. You can also try lifting up the float ball to stop the water flow. Preventing the continuous flow of water into your toilet will at least stop the sewage from overflowing into the bathroom floor.