Contemporary Bathroom Mirrors

Bathrooms are artistically decorated to have an attractive appearance. The preferred look of the bathroom depends on the individual. You could opt for a traditional, elaborate look or a modern contemporary one. These days the trend is more towards contemporary look for bathrooms. Most people opt for minimalistic designs to have a chic appearance for their bathrooms.

One of the most important elements that decides the overall appearance of your bathroom is the mirror. Today, a lot of creativity goes into designing bathroom mirrors. Many a time, people choose the mirror first and accessorize the bathroom based on the mirror selected. Mirrors give a space an illusion of light and space. In case you have a small bathroom, you could make it appear large by installing a wall to wall mirror above the sink. Optionally you could install multiple mirrors. Various aspects of a bathroom mirror that are considered are:- Shape of the mirror Bathroom mirrors chosen for imparting a contemporary look to the bathroom are simple rectangular, square or round shaped. You could use framed or unframed mirrors for your bathrooms. A sleek simple unframed mirror is a popular choice. You can choose a bevel-edged moisture resistant mirror. Frame of the mirror For a contemporary bathroom decor, the trending mirror frames are those with a smooth finish, interesting textures, or those with linear or geometric designs. If you want a contemporary look for your bathroom, avoid frames with traditional carvings. Preferred frames are chrome ones or those painted black or white since they blend well with any decor. In case of textured frames, pale neutral is a good choice. While choosing the frame of the mirror it is important to bear in mind it is exposed to moisture. Therefore, you should choose frames that are water resistant.

Oversized Mirrors A popular trend in contemporary bathrooms is having oversized mirrors. You can lean a large mirror floor mirror in a simple frame behind the tub. You can enhance the look of your bathroom by placing some houseplants. Mirrors used in the bathroom should be tastefully selected. They should be matched with appropriate accessories to give your bathroom a unique look.