Four Bathroom Refurbishment Blunders to Avoid 

The success of every bathroom refurbishment project depends on how well you plan it before it begins taking place. Since a lavatory is one of the smallest spaces in the home, some homeowners take it lightly in terms of designing. According to the experts, overlooking several details at the planning stage can fail a bathroom refurbishment project.

  1. Unnecessarily Moving Fixtures 

Nobody wants to exceed their financial budget and therefore try to avoid moving the main elements of the lavatory around. Sometimes, you do not have any way out to change the layout, but if your toilet has a sink, shower, and other fixtures properly positioned, you can save a lot of time and money by leaving their positions alone.

  1. Placing a Commode Next to the Door

Placing the toilet right beside the door is another major design blunder. Ideally, the right location from the commode is the center stage, where it is not viewable from the hallway. Simply put, your powder room can look more attractive if entering the room does not trip over the toilet bowl.

  1. Using Cheap & Low-Quality Materials 

Your bathroom has to oppose lots of abuse. And choosing cheap and low-quality materials can negatively impact this quality. So, opt for construction materials that are not vulnerable to humidity and can stand up longer. If you have limited space, for instance, choose a wet-bath design with waterproof walls and floor.

  1. Inadequate Ventilation 

Ignoring the ventilation aspect in a bathroom refurbishment project can result in health hazards. Exhaustion into the wall leads to the cavity, threatening mildew and building-damaging rot. It highlights the importance of proper ventilation in your powder room design. Ideally, you can add a window to get some natural light and ventilation.

In addition to the above, a cramped sink and inadequate storage are other design-related blunders when it comes to a bathroom refurbishment project. Think of a powdery that can be functional and attractive at the same time and serve you the best for years to come.